You have made a decision. You want training. You have jumped your first and only hurdle.

The rest is easy!

Come in for your first appointment.

Then follow through.

Remember, this is an adventure, and it is going to be fun!

Your first visit:

Regarding dress, come as you are.

We will get acquainted, answer your questions, and do preliminary paperwork, if you decide to enroll.

Together, we will select a program that is right for you.

We will also decide your schedule for training.

Your second visit:

Dress in, or bring workout clothes with you. Most workout clothes are a knit. Cotton is still best, but getting harder to find. Cotton absorbs perspiration, keeping you dryer than synthetics. Broadcloth items are OK, just be sure there is no belt.

Wear rubber soled shoes; leather street shoes slip and are not safe to workout in. We will not teach you in bare feet.

Men wear a supporter or tighter fitting briefs – no boxer shorts. Boxers offer no support to the scrotum.

Women wear a sports bra to help avoid injury.

A pair of workout gloves is a good investment, but will not be needed for a while.  Tip: Finger-tip free construction gloves are available at home supply stores, and make an affordable substitute.

This is going to be fun
Have no fear.

Beginners often have a lack of confidence, even to the point of being overwhelmed.  Don't be.

Your trainer takes the lead; all you have to do is follow.

This is a learning situation over time.

You will always know what you are doing, and will never be put on the spot.

Your sessions are private, just you and your trainer (not in a noisy room full of people).

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Call today. We'll give you a demonstration.

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