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Personal fitnes training is a personal service and should be performed by a qualified "people person", or a trained individual who likes people, and who is willing and capable of teaching a variety of people at different fitness levels.

Your personal trainer will serve you best in a facility that supports him with an established written program for him to follow

Personal training should not be an add-on to gym membership: personal training should be strong enough to stand alone on its own merits.

As the client, you should be aware. Be informed. You will be spending time, effort and money. What are you going to get for your expenditure? Look for more than an impressive facility and a well-built trainer. Look for a results driven program. Don't assume anything.

*  Facility and Trainer Performance.
*  Formalized Written Fitness Plan.
*  What to Expect from your Wellness Worx Personal Training Program.


Facility and Trainer Performance;

We all have expectations. You have an idea of how you would like to look, feel and perform. Any given facility and its' trainers have a good idea of your probable goals.

Often a huge performance differential exists, however, between your expectations and what a facility and trainer can, and is willing to do, to help you achieve your goals.

Learning occurs best in a structured environment with a structured format, which aims at instruction over time. Loose, wandering, unstructured demonstration yields poor results. Again, look for a results driven program, not a shot in the dark.  

Formalized Written Fitness Plan;

You should ask questions. Ask to see a written plan. It should be formalized by the facility. To avoid later disappointment, expect more than a short interview, a leisurely tour, a quickie fitness evaluation and a long sales pitch.

Expect more from Wellness Worx. Expect a formal written training plan.

What to Expect from your Wellness Worx Personal Training Program;

* An education and results;
1. We identify with you, and take an interest in you as a person,
2. We treat you with respect and dignity, and
3. We provide you with what you came for - an education and results.
4. This outlook and concern is shown in many ways.

* Private instruction;
1. My trainers and I teach one-on-one, with only a few clients every month.
2. Each client receives full trainer attention, as we are the only two in the room.
3. Every student is evaluated and beginning goals are identified and solidified.
4. A written program is designed based around the evaluation and goals.
5. Each exercise is demonstrated with proper form.
6. You will learn about muscle action, how to identify each muscle and muscle group, and
7. Be instructed in proper safety precautions, and
8. Learn the "why" as well as the "how" and "when".
9. You will receive constant evaluation, correction as needed, praise when deserved.

* Fitness Training manual;
1. Each client receives our unique training manual of my own design,
2. It helps students remember and understand what they are learning.
3. Complete with illustrations, the manual
4. Includes descriptions of the exercises, muscles, exercise design and other information.

* Nutrition and diet;
1. We discuss portion sizes, and the importance of proteins vs. carbs.
2. You gain the information you need to make intelligent choices.
3. As I am not a licensed nutritionist, I can't give specific diet plans.

* Exercise theory and design;
1. Each student learns about exercise theory and design for good reason.
2. When instruction is completed, each student knows what to do and how to proceed.
3. This means that you will be able to plan, execute and record your own program.

* Students always welcomed back;
1. I keep students as long as they want to stay, and
2. Former students, are always welcomed back for re-evaluation and more instruction.

* Training is for everyone;
1. As a core value, I believe enrichment should be for everyone,
2. I welcome those whose bodies got a little banged and dented before they found me.
3. I don’t mind the challenge; you should not be daunted either.
4. Don’t let a few bumps in the road spoil your journey.
5. Responding to challenge makes us stronger and
6. Provides a zest to life we might otherwise have missed.

* Let's get started;
1. So come on in, and let’s get started.
2. I will help you set realistic goals,
3. We will work with what you have,
4. I will take an interest in you, and will enjoy seeing you improve.

 ​​You can learn more about the program itself by reading "Program Progression".

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