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In fitness terminology, "progression" goes beyond the general meaning of advancement, and is a health related training principle requiring a gradual increase in work performed to increase physical fitness.

Together with the training principles of "overload" (increase past normal workload) and "specificity" (specific work for specific goals) "progression" forms the triad to improve the health related components of physical fitness.

Program Progression is the procress of using these three health related training components in a specific planned training program. Such a program also develops the "skill related" components of physical fitness.

Your training program will begin with core strengthening and a gradual introduction to whole body training.

Before discussing the program, let's talk more about the overload principle, the specificity principle and the health and skill related components. 

* Overload Principle – Increase past normal workload
* Specificity Principle – Specific work for specific goals
* Health Related Components
* Skill Related Components
* Core Strengthening
* Beginner's Whole Body Level 1,
* Beginner's Whole Body Level 2,
* 90-day Minimum Commitment
* Several Programs Offered
* Always Welcomed Back 


Overload Principle – Increase past normal workload;

Increasing the amount of work required by the body in a gradual manner employs the principle of overload.

To increase the work load, use the FIT formula, which describes an increase in "Frequency" – how often, "Intensity" – how much, and "Time" – how long. 

Specificity Principle - Specific work for specific goals;

Training in a specific way, using the health related components, to accomplish a specific goal, employs the principle of specificity.

For example, to increase muscular strength, use heavy weight with few repetitions, and to increase muscular endurance, use light weight with more repetitions.   

Health Related Components;
1. Cardiovascular strength – strengthening the heart,
2. Muscular strength – moving weight with greatest force one time,
3. Muscular endurance – continuous use of a muscle,
4. Joint flexibility – movement through a range of motion (ROM)
5. Body composition – fat versus muscle and bone.

Skill Related Components;
1. Agility – quick and easy change in direction,
2. Balance – control during standing or moving,
3. Coordination – smooth and accurate movement,
4. Power - combines strength and speed,
5. Reaction time – response time between signal and movement
6. Speed – moving quickly

Core Strengthening;

After your first visit, your trainer implements your Fort Myers fitness or Naples fitness program. Regardless of your specific goals, all beginner level students start with a minimum of two to four weeks of progressive core strengthening to:

  * Prepare the body for more strenuous exercise,
  * Reduce the chance for injury by properly conditioning muscles, joints and connective tissues,
  * Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that is typical of beginner exercise,
  * Allow faster progress by pushing the body more safely; quicker overload.

​We pay particular attention to your rotator cuff (shoulder), chest, back, abdominal muscles. Your arms, legs and hips will also benefit from this break-in period.

During this time, we evaluate your progress and fine tune your program. Core strengthening is taught with Beginners' Whole Body Level 1.

Beginner's Whole Body Level 1:

With core strengthening, you will begin a month long beginner, level one, whole body plan, and you will learn to record your program. We also involve the principle of overload, invoking the 'FIT" principle, increasing frequency, intensity and time.

By repeating this routine, your body will adjust to working harder with more intensity, as a connection between brain/nerves and muscles (neuro-muscular adaptation) develops. This promotes good form, better control and the ability to exercise in a manner that will produce the best results.

We gradually increase the number of exercises performed as we prepare for Level 2 work.

Beginner's Whole Body Level 2:

Week five starts the beginner, level two, whole body plan. We introduce more exercises and begin exercise rotation. You will continue to record your own progress in your Fort Myers fitness or Naples fitness program, and we show you how to increase the work load.

This leads to learning how to plan your own program. By the end of week twelve you have completed the basic 90-day commitment.  

90-day Minimum Commitment:
Ninety days is our minimum program. We can't teach you how to exercise safely and efficiently with good results in any less time. This assumes three, one hour sessions per week for 12-weeks. There are two 90-day programs to choose from.

We do recommend that you stay with us for a longer time.

This is not always possible. However, we want you to know that we are always available to help you, and we encourage you to return to have your progress re-evaluated.  

Several Programs Offered:

Our new economy beginners 90 day programs are great for all populations: teens, young adults, middle agers and older folks.
These are followed by our regular 90 day no down payment plans.
For those who want to start with more than the minimum 90 days, we have several programs to choose from including a four month, a six month and two 12-month programs.

The timing of these programs differs from the basic 90-day plans, and they are more highly tailored to individual needs and goals. The student may move from whole body training to training splits and exercises in the intermediate and advanced levels.

Always Welcomed Back:

Of course, we will send you on your way with a complete copy of our training manual.

Don’t be a stranger. Our interest in you is everlasting: it does not end when the ink dries on your check. Part of being a good teacher is the desire to see students advance and succeed.

We wish you success, happiness and good health!

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