Ron Alexander, BBA, LMT, CPT.

I am someone who has always looked for ways to help people around me. Even at a young age, service has already been a passion of mine. As I grew up, I devoted my time and effort more and more into serving others.

Over the years, I've had multiple overlapping careers, some in business and intelligence work, and others having to do with providing personalized care for others. I had a group home for mentally disabled and an adult family care home (AFCH).

My personal ministry was a group home for men recovering from addition, spanning 1992 to 1999.

With a growing awareness of the correlation between illnesses and stress, I became a personal trainer to help people achieve their health and wellness goals, and a few years later, a massage therapist.

Fort Myers Personal Training was established in 2007 as my way of reaching out and helping those in need of tried, tested, and proven personal training services that deliver outstanding results.

Your health is your most precious resource; without it, there's no way for you to achieve your goals in life - whether it be success, fortune, or building exceptional relationships, there's simply no way for anyone to achieve them without a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Here at Fort Myers Personal Training, we welcome men and women of all ages, body types, and fitness levels. Regardless of profile, no one is turned away, and we believe that there is always room for you to step up your fitness game and gain better physical performance.
Always train one-on-one in our private, air conditioned studio.

To learn more about Ron, visit:  http://www.WellnessWorxFlorida.com/about​

You may also read the following anecdote:

​​Recently, a long-time friend and colleague sent me a heartwarming note that I would like to share.

"Hi Ron, Congrats on your continued success and new websites, which are fresh and contemporary and rich in new content the SEO folks should love. 

Sometimes, though, classic material is priceless for its clarity and honing ability to hit the bullseye, and serves as a hallmark for you and your work.

I've searched for three such paragraphs from your original Wellness Worx site, and do not find them.  You spoke of 'enrichment' for everyone including those whose bodies were a little 'banged and dented' and ended with 'interest' in seeing 'improvements'.

Listen, Ron, you need to stick those lines back in, maybe on your "About" page!

Here's why: these lines illustrate your bountiful outlook on life and your wondrous desire to help others, they are classic to you, and you need to repeat them.  Often.  Got it?

Keep up the good works.

Your friend (we won't talk about age),
Rose Gehring”

​​As Rose is always right, and no one who has any smarts at all ever bucks Rose, her favorite paragraphs follow.  Cheers to you, Rose.

"Enrichment should be for everyone, including those whose bodies got a little banged and dented before they found us.  We don’t mind the challenge; you should not be daunted either.​​

Don’t let a few bumps in the road spoil your journey. Responding to challenge makes us stronger and provides a zest to life we might otherwise have missed.  

So come on in, and let’s get started.   We will help you set realistic goals to work with what you have, take an interest in you, and enjoy seeing your improvements."

Note: you will also find these sentiments expressed under the "Trainer Interest in You" tab.

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Don't be shy, you'll fit right in.  Come on over, and mention Rose sent you! 

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