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Personal Fitness Training in Fort Myers​​​ at
Wellness Worx of Florida

Learn how to exercise safely using a structured, written, results driven program taught one-on-one by an experienced personal fitness trainer in the privacy of our Wellness Worx workout studio.  

As you're on a fitness website; you have your health and fitness on your mind. 
Welcome!  You're not alone or unusual, and you're in the right place.
You have questions, concerns and uncertainty.  Let me help you with these.

Some reading is necessary, but like my training, I promise it won't hurt!

So be a champ, buck-up, and follow along with Coach Ron!


What is Fitness Based Personal Training?

​Fitness is the condition of being physically, mentally and spiritually healthy, and is maintained as a life pattern by a goal oriented, very personal commitment to a regimen of sound nutrition, intelligent eating habits, medical consultation and regular exercise.

Becoming fit may require a paradigm shift, or a revamp of your M.O.:
   * Updating your perspective, attitude and outlook on fitness,
   * Changing your methods and resources, which may require a change in lifestyle patterns and habits.

Individual fitness achievements vary greatly:
   * Varying genetic heritage influences athletic performance, muscular form and appearance,
   * Differences in preferences, goals and ambitions impact results of personal training.

Regardless, we can all benefit from good health, and an improved and reasonable level of fitness is possible for everyone. Realizing this fact is the first step towards better health. The second is learning how to set and achieve new fitness goals.

To this end, we offer custom tailored programs of instruction and personal training in Fort Myers that will answer all your questions and start you on a life changing adventure to wellness.

New comers to fitness training often ask:
    1.  What level of fitness is prudent for me?
    2.  How do I accomplish my goals?
           a.  What equipment & how to use it?
           b.  What weight or resistance?
           c.  What exercises?
           d.  How often?
           e.  What programs or plans...whole body...upper lower split?
            f.  What's safe?
   3.  Should I seek help?
   4.  Who do I choose to help?

To find answers, gain confidence and learn how to safely exercise, working with a personal trainer is the safest and most efficient way to progress.  

Ron will help you determine suitable fitness levels and accomplish individual goals, including functioning well, looking good, feeling fantastic and maintaining a strong body that heels itself faster to better withstand the rigors of disease and trauma.
The education gained inspires well-being and a sense of satisfaction.
Your education will have both good programming and good teaching.

A good program will;
    1.  Maintain a schedule of at least 3-days per week,
    2.  Follow a written weekly plan that is part of a larger format,
    3.  Advance with planned progression, tempered by client performance evaluation,
    4.  Demonstrate safe progress w/o undue pain and discomfort,
    5.  Keep the student motivated, confident and eager to continue,
    6.  Begin with a basic "whole body" plan,
    7.  Progress to advanced plans such as "upper lower split",
    8.  Teach the student how to continue on his own.

Good teaching curriculum should include;
    1.   Muscle groups and their movements,
    2.   How to identify respective muscles on his own body,
    3.   Location of muscle attachment points,
    4.   Muscle and joint range of motion,
    5.   Knowledge of movement and muscle involvement.
    6.   Importance of developing muscles that don't show in the mirror,
    7.   Which exercises to use for each muscle and muscle group,
    8.   How, when and where to exercise,
    9.   How to plan progression,
   10.  How to rotate exercises within a plan,
   11.  How to rotate plans,
   12.  How to make a plan for yourself within a given format,
   13.  How to establish training cycles,
   14.  How to keep motivated and stay with your fitness program.
You will be dealing with the boss.  You will always be able to reach your personal trainer.  Rain or shine, Ron is here.  You will have my council as your personal trainer any time you need help, including long after your training sessions have ended, and you will enter the Fort Myers fitness or Naples fitness realm with confidence and qualification.​  As a premier personal trainer, I welcome Naples, FL clients. The key words are personal trainer Naples FL.

Glossarial Note:
Several terms are often used to refer to personal training or personal trainers, and may appear in similar usage: fitness training, fitness trainer, workout training, workout trainers, strength training, strength trainers, weight training, weight trainers, exercise training, exercise trainers, wellness training, wellness trainers
.​ physical training, and physical trainers.

Similarly, gyms are also fitness centers, wellness centers and workout studios.

Count on Ron for Results Driven Programing

As a personal trainer, Ron offers:
  1. Competent, well qualified instruction,
  2. Planned, written, results driven, progressive programing,
  3. One-on-one demonstration and attention in a private air conditioned studio,
  4. Safe, soreness free progress you will enjoy and want to continue.
​Rely on Wellness Worx to help you accomplish your fitness goals.
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