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Expect a Formal Written Plan As Part of a Results Driven Program

Minimum commitment for training is 90-days.  We do not train by individual hour, week or month.  For comparison purposes only, the single hour rate is $60.

Two 90-day "no down payment" contracts with 90-day renewal options are available.  One has a single payment, the other has 3-payments during the 90-day term.  As all payments are the same during the 90-day term, they differ from the "down payment" plans described below.  90-day programs include all standard complimentary services.

Four "down payment" programs are offered.  They feature a down payment followed by several same dollar amount monthly payments.  These four are the most economical and offer the deluxe complimentary services.

Our Program Particulars are full disclosure.  For comparison purposes, please remember our training is always one-on-one in our private workout room.  You and your trainer are the only two in the room.  

All sessions are one hour

The Economy Beginner's Program features 50 minute sessions w/o the standard or deluxe complimentary services.  Bottled water is provided.  All students, regardless of program, have use of the showers and dressing room.  Economy students are asked to bring their own towels.

See our NEW Economy Beginner's Program

No Down Payment Programs: (use landscape view w/your phone)

90 Day Contracts w/1-payment:

90 Day Contracts w/3-payments: 

Sessions:                    01-36      37-72      73-108      108-144

$53          $51           $48             $45

Single Payment:       
$1908     $1836      $1728         $1620

Cost/90 days:           
$1908      $1836      $1728        $1620

Cost Progression:    
$1908      $2944      $5472        $7042

Sessions                        01-36     37-72     73-108     108-144

$55        $53           $50            $45

Cost /12 sessions          
$660      $636        $600          $540

Payments/90 days     
3/$660  3/$636     3/$600      3/$540

Cost 90 days                
$1980    $1908      $1800       $1620

Cost Progression        
$1980     $3888      $5688      $7308


​​90 Day Three Payment Plan: $37/session (1-hr each), ($1332 for 36, or $444/mo.) and  renew for the same price.
6-Month Trainer's Special: $35/session and each renewal .
72 sessions for $2520, payable $1500 down w/3-monthly payments of $340 due the first day of training in months four, five and six.
Beginner's Special (NEW Program): 36 sessions for $1020. Now get one week extra (13 weeks for the price of 12 weeks).

Be sure to refresh your brouser, as specials change monthly.

Down Payment Programs:

4-Month Trainer's Special:
   •  48 sessions,
   •  $52 each,
   •  $2496 total 4-month cost,
   •  $1320 down

   •  3 pymts of $392 in 2nd, 3rd & 4th months,
   •  Provides the easiest payment plan,

   •  Two optional 4-month renewals, 
        1 st: $49/session, 48 @ $2352, $1002 down

                     w/3 payments of $450.               
        2 nd; $45/session, 48 @ $2160,  $810 down

                     w/3 payments of $450,             
   •  Combined yearly fee of $7008, 
   •  Includes all deluxe complimentary services and,
   •  (4) 1-hour sports massages (per 4-month term) (regularly $120 to non-trainees).

6-Month Trainer's Special:
   •  72 sessions, 
   •  $49 each,  
   •  $3528 total 6-month cost,       
   •  $1628 down

   •  4 pymts of $475 in 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th months,  
   •  Combines a great hourly rate with ease of payment,

   •  Optional 6-month renewal,
   •  Renews: $47/session, 72 @ $3384, $1009 down w/5 payments of $475               
   •  Combined yearly fee of $6912,
   •  Includes all deluxe complimentary services and, 
   •  (6) 1-hour sports massages (per 6-month term) (regularly $120 to non-trainees). 

12-Month Trainer's Special:
   •  144 sessions, 
   •  $47 each, 
   •  $6768 yearly, 
   •  Paid $2268 down w/10-payments of $450  in months 3 - 12,  
   •  Includes all deluxe complimentary services and,
   •  (12) 1-hour sports massages (regularly $120 to non-trainees). 

12-Month Health Club Special: 
   •  144 sessions, 
   •  $45 each,   
   •  $6480 yearly,
   •  Paid $2655 down w/9-payments of $425 in months 4 - 12,  
   •  Includes all deluxe complimentary services and, 
   •  (12) 1-hour sports massages (regularly $120 to non-trainees).

(239) 839-7035

Economy Begenner's 90 Day Program

For teens, young adults and middle agers , who want to get and stay strong, this is a great beginner's program. If you are the parent of a teen, you can ask about my student scholarship. I give one every 90 days.

It is a super program for older folks and any-age-duffers (those who don't move well, includes those who sit too much) who want to un-scuffle their shuffle, and start moving, and stay moving with ease and a newfound sense of freedom.

Can you identify with?
* Just starting out and unsure of how to begin
* Coming back after a false start (lack of prior success)
* Took some time off - discouraged
* Having trouble staying motivated
* Can't find an affordable program
* Fear of starting cold with lack of knowledge
* Intimidated by athletic trainers
* Intimidated by gym folks who already know how
* Haven't found a situation you feel comfortable with
* Many other fears and phobias that embarrass you

If any of these situations fit, here is your chance to BREAK OUT, take a deep breath, and GET MOVING!

You'll have so much fun, you'll hardly know you're stepping out of your old comfort zone.

36 sessions, 50 min each, $1020 in a single payment. (Same as 3/$85 or $28.34 each)
                        ------      OR      -------
36 sessions, 50 min each, in three successive monthly payments of $380, $370 and $360. (total of $1110)

You bring your own shower towel, and sweat towel. Cold bottled water is provided.

Program Particulars (fine print details):

   •  Program prices are based on 3-sessions/week.
   •  After 1-year of training, all programs renew at $45/session, and may be paid monthly.
   •  Prices & programs are effective February, 2015 and may change w/o notice. 

   •  All sessions are payable on a prepaid basis.  
   •  Unused prepaid sessions are not refundable, but may be used anytime training is resumed.  

Down Payments:
   •  Trainer's and Health Club Specials provide benefits to the seriously committed -  not intended for 
           the casual trainee.
   •  Down payments are used up within 25 to 59-sessions (down payment period), however, monthly 
           payments start before the conclusion of this period.
   •  Contract cancellation by the trainee during the down payment period will incur a financial penalty.  
   •  A refund (if any) is calculated by
rebilling the used sessions at the single session price of $60, and  
          subtracting this amount from total monies paid. 
   •  Decision to return unused monies will be made by trainer on an individual basis; refunds are not 
           guaranteed.  (90-day, no down payment contracts, are an alternative.)

   •  Scheduling Mon, Wed, Fri or Tue, Thu, Sat, 8AM to 5PM.  
   •  Four, five and six day schedules are available for intermediate and advanced trainees.  
   •  Extra sessions past 3/week, are billed at the same rate as the trainee's program.
   •  Other hour and day schedules are available when scheduling permits.
   •  Before or after hour sessions may be an additional cost.    

   •  Training is always one-on-one in our private, quiet,
air conditioned workout room. 
   •  A private shower is available.

Standard Complimentary Services:
   •  Shower towels, work-out towels, cold bottled water.
   •  Post workout protein drink (made fresh for you, includes fruit). 
   •  Complimentary items  have no cash, exchange, refund or reduction value.  

Deluxe Complimentary Services for Health Club and Trainer's Specials:
   •  All standard complimentary services.
   •  Laundry service for gym clothes.
   •  One complimentary sports massage for every month of contract.
   •  Complimentary items  have no cash, exchange, refund or reduction value. 

   •  Sports Massage is available to 36, 48, 72, 96, 108 and 144 session trainees at $70 for 60 minute 
            and $95 for 90 minute sessions.  
   •  Complimentary massage is provided in-house by your trainer/LMT, or LMT apprentice. 

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