Fort Myers Personal Training
at Wellness Worx of Florida

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Top left to right:
    Back Extensions:  Muscles; gluteals, hamstrings, erector spinae.  Joint motion: hip extension.
    Leg Extensions: Muscles; quadriceps.  Joint motion; knee extension.
    Barbell Lying Triceps Extension:  Muscles: triceps, anconeus.   Joint motion: elbow extension

Second row, left to right:
    Leg Flexion (leg curl):  Muscles: hamstrings.  Joint motion: knee flexion.
    Crunch:  Muscle: rectus femoris and abdomonis, interior and exterior obliques, mid-body      
                    muscles, iliopsoas –hip flexors.   Joint motion: trunk flexion, hip flexion.

Third row:  
Reverse dumbbell fly:  Muscles: middle trapezius, rear deltoid,  Joint motion: shoulder abduction.

Each trainee recieves a copy of our training manual.  The exercises taught are explained and illustrated in the manual.  This is the page for back extension.
The manual also contains a full line drawing of each muscle or muscle group as well as textual descriptions of all muscles acting on the joint involved.