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Fitness is the condition of being physically, mentally and spiritually healthy, and is maintained as a life
pattern by a goal oriented, very personal commitment to a regimen of sound nutrition and regular exercise.

This is the definition; it’s the easy part.

Now, let's get tough.
* An Important Question:
* Other Fitness Concepts:
* Newcomer Questions:
* How to Succeed:
* Good Programing:
* Good Teaching:
* Choose Wellness Worx:
* In Summary
* Naples Clients:​


An Important Question:

* What's more important: functioning well, looking good, or feeling fantastic?
* You pick, but it's not just a subjective decision.
* You can't give a wrong answer, as,
* They all reinforce and build on each other like layers of a snow ball.
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Other Fitness Concepts:

    1. In fact, a strong attractive body is the BONUS to the benefits produced from the time and energy spent obtaining and maintaining good physical health. Exercise produces stimuli (endorphins) that balance out the negative stressors of work and life challenges. This balance extends to the mental and spiritual self. (The study of endorphins is enormous.)

    2. Next
, a strong body better withstands the rigors of disease and trauma, and heals itself faster.

    3. In addition, a strong body moves with ease and endurance, and functions with better agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time and speed.

    4. Finally
, an attractive body provides confidence, well-being and a sense of satisfaction. Just don't go overboard while looking in the mirror!

These concepts are straight forward:
   * Getting fit is a linear process, that is, the results are proportional to the effort.
   * Finding the motivation to start and stick with fitness is not always so easy.

   * There are pitfalls - primarily frustration from lack of knowledge and results.
   * Many try and fail.

You, however, want to be one who succeeds.
 * No matter if you have tried before,
   * You can succeed.


How to succeed:

* Here's how to succeed;
1. Realize attaining fitness usually requires a change in lifestyle and perspective,
2. Accept achievements vary due to differences in genes, preferences, goals and ambitions,
3. Identify with the self you want to be, and can be, not with the body perfect on a magazine cover,
4. Be OK with the first three,
5. Know an improved and reasonable level of fitness is possible for everyone,
6. Find and work with a good trainer
one-on one, follow his lead and stay with the program.

* Rely on Wellness Worx to help you succeed.

Newcomer Questions:

Good programming:

New comers to fitness often ask:
  1. What level of fitness is prudent for me?
  2. How do I accomplish my goals?
       a. What equipment & how to use it?
       b. What weight or resistance?
       c. What exercises?
       d. How often?
       e. What programs or plans...whole body...upper lower split?
       f. What's safe?
  3. Should I seek help?
  4. Whom do I choose to help?

Work with a trainer to:
  * Find answers,
  * Gain confidence and qualification,
  * Learn how to exercise safely and efficiently,
  * Determine suitable fitness levels and
  * Accomplish individual goals. 

* A good program will;
    1. Maintain a schedule of at least 3-days per week,
    2. Follow a written weekly plan that is part of a larger format,
    3. Advance with planned progression, tempered by client

        performance evaluation,
    4. Demonstrate safe progress w/o undue pain and discomfort,
    5. Keep the student motivated, confident and eager to

    6. Begin with a basic "whole body" plan,
    7. Progress to advanced plans such as "upper lower split",
    8. Teach the student.

* Rely on Wellness Worx to provide good programming.

Good Teaching:   

Choose Wellness Worx:

* Teaching curriculum should include;
  1. Muscle groups and their movements,
  2. How to identify respective muscles on his own body,
  3. Location of muscle attachment points,
  4. Muscle and joint range of motion,
  5. Knowledge of movement and muscle involvement.
  6. Importance of developing muscles that don't show in the

  7. Which exercises to use for each muscle and muscle group,
  8. How, when and where to exercise,
  9. How to plan progression,
  10. How to rotate exercises within a plan,
  11. How to rotate plans,
  12. How to make a plan for yourself within a given format,
  13. How to establish training cycles,
  14. How to keep motivated and stay with your fitness program.

* Rely on Wellness Worx to provide good teaching. 

* We are a one office company; here six days a week.
* We are not a franchise.
* Everyone is greeted in our waiting room upon arrival.
* You will meet and know management by name.
* You are special to us, and we treat you that way.
* When your training is done;
  1. You will know your way around fitness equipment,
  2. You will enter any fitness center in the world with confidence

       and qualification.
  3. You are always welcomed back to say hello, for advice, to start
more training.

In Summary:

*    Everyone benefits from good health, and an improved and reasonable level of fitness is possible for all. 
*    That is why we offer a variety of fitness programs in addition to our Fort Myers massage.
*    Working with a personal trainer is the safest and most efficient way to accomplish individual goals. 
*    Choose a Fort Myers fitness specialist at Wellness Worx.
*    Whether you opt to use a home or a commercial gym, our training is appropriate. 
*    In either situation, you will enter the Fort Myers fitness or Naples fitness realm with confidence and 
*   You will also have the council of your personal trainer any time you need help, including long after your 
           training sessions have ended.

Naples Clients:

*    Naples athletes, your Naples fitness and personal training needs can be met with ease just off of I-75, exit #136. 
*    The short drive to Fort Myers is well worth the time.

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(239) 839-7035
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