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What can fitness participation do for you?

Fitness benefits are comprehensive, demonstrate personal dynamics, and are abundantly demonstrated physically, mentally, and spiritually.

* Comprehensive Universal Benefits
* Pesonal Identity Magnifier
* Secific Physical, Mental, and Spritual Benefits


Comprehensive Universal Benefits:

* Fitness benefits are abundant;
* This abundance is long lasting and non-discriminatory;
      1. Neither fade with age,
      2. Nor are they age, gender or lifestyle restrictive.
* In fact, fitness is for everyone, not just athletes, jocks, and young people.
* Fitness is universal;
      1. It can involve a single individual or a group;
      2. It can be non-competitive or competitive.

  Personal Identity Magnifier:

* A fit body maximizes personal identity;
* Fitness levels reflect individual dynamics and mirrors,
      1. Each interesting personality,
      2. Response to challenge, and engagement in life.
* Fitness is a basic element in maximizing a life plan, and
      1. Combines with good nutrition, intelligent eating habits, and regular medical consultation, and,
      2. Completes the task of taking charge of one's own body.

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Specific Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits:

Fitness participation promotes:
■ Increased-
     □ Muscle strength and size
     □ Bone and joint strength and size
     □ Connective tissue strength
     □ Endurance, including heart and lung
     □ Flexibility and range of motion
     □ Energy
     □ Blood flow, including to and in the brain
     □ Resting metabolic rate (amount of calories burned at rest)
     □ Feeling of vitality and well-being
     □ Self-confidence
■ Decreased-
     □ Body fat
     □ Triglyceride level
     □ Resting heart rate
     □ Stress level
     □ High blood pressure
     □ Waist size &/or girth around middle
■ Reduced-
     □ Effects of aging
     □ Memory loss
     □ Inflammation and oxidation stress
■ Balanced-
     □ Cholesterol level
     □ Spiritual and emotional condition

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