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We all have expectations. You have an idea of how you would like to look, feel and perform.  Any given facility and its' trainers have a good idea of your probable goals. 
Often a huge performance differential exists, however, between your expectations and what a facility and trainer can, and is willing to do, to help you achieve your goals.  

Learning occurs best in a structured environment with a structured consistent format, or written plan, which aims at cumulative instruction over time.

Loose, wandering, unstructured demonstration yields poor results because the student is confused by the ever changing format and lack of repetition: we learn best by successively repeating a limited number of processes before moving on to new work.  Learning any other way for most people, causes frustration and failure.

Again, look for a written plan as part of a results-driven program.

What to Expect at Wellness Worx:
- An education and results

- Private instruction
- Training manual
- Nutrition and diet
- Exercise theory and design
- Students always welcomed back
- Training is for everyone
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Glossarial Note:
Several terms are often used to refer to personal training or personal trainers, and may appear in similar usage: fitness training, fitness trainer, workout training, workout trainers, strength training, strength trainers, weight training, weight trainers, exercise training, exercise trainers, wellness training, and wellness trainers.

Similarly, gyms are also fitness centers, wellness centers and workout studios.

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Personal training is a personal service best performed by a qualified "people person", or a trained individual who likes people.

A good personal trainer should be willing and capable of teaching a variety of people at different fitness levels and abilities.

Beginners, the young and old, the physically challenged, should all be welcomed by a personal trainer of good conscious.

He should work in a facility that supports him with an established written program for him to follow.  

As the client, you should be aware.  Be informed:
   You will be spending time, effort and money. 

   What are you going to get for your expenditure?  

   Look for more than an impressive facility and a well-built trainer.   

   Look for a 
results driven program.   

   Don't assume anything.

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